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October 14, 2014





Acrobats of Sunday Streets

October 6, 2014

acro 2Some fit young women suspended a ring on Mission Street and demonstrated their acrobatic skills.


acro 3

acro 4

acro 5

Musicians of Sunday Streets

October 4, 2014

musLast Sunday, the Excelsior District hosted Sunday Streets. Many musicians participated, here are photographs of a few.

mus2The singer here is from Sweden.

mus 3One could hardly hear these hipsters. They get the award for Smallest PA System.

mus 4(Click on any photo here and it will enlarge.)

Excelsior Scenes and Two Sweet Rides

October 1, 2014

storeThe Excelsior District is kind of like the Mission, but less exciting. Which probably makes it a better place to live and raise children.

grl on bkI’ve heard of ‘whistling past the graveyard’, this young lady is ‘riding a bike with balloons past the funeral directors’.

swt rdSomewhere there’s a welder with extra time on his hands.

swt rd 2The white thing on the back of this bike is a bumpin’ stereo system.

Sunday Streets in the Excelsior District

September 30, 2014

viewLast sunday a long stretch of Mission Street was blocked off in the Excelsior District, so people could bicycle, walk, skate, etc. Many people showed up.

bbl ldyThe Bubble Lady shows up at every Sunday Streets, spreading joy and bubbles wherever she goes.

schwinnThe Vintage Schwinn Posse was in full effect. From a t-shirt one of them was wearing, they may be called Frisco Bay Sting Rays.

bnkOnce a stately bank, now a produce market. Stuff changes.

Stickers and a Meaningful Sketch

September 26, 2014


P1240215_1I sure hope this isn’t a viral marketing campaign for a clothing line. Been burned before.

P1240211It’s all about the barbecue.

P1240223No wait, it’s really all about the booty.

More Art At Your Feet, and Abandoned Footwear of SF

September 24, 2014


These little utility plates, or whatever they are, make a great canvas.



A commendable sentiment.

P1240221Another installment in our Abandoned Footwear of SF series. This one’s a twofer. Check back soon for more.

Things You See When You Look Down

August 22, 2014


Job 5990. These guys go good work.

P1230986Photo on the sidewalk, portraying construction. These guys do good work,

P1230985Looks like a map of a European country. Actually it’s a place on the floor of a garage where some solvent ate the paint.

P1230978Sad but true. This town, anymore.


Graffiti Faces

August 18, 2014


P1230990Good ol’ Enor, scary as ever.

P1230950From a construction site in the Oakland hills.


East Palo Alto’s Night Out

August 12, 2014

P1230951Every year, East Palo Alto has a Night Out event, to have the people meet the police.

P1230956Free hamburgers and hot dogs are provided, also watermelon. And they have a bouncy house.


P1230964They have the same event in Menlo Park, with a dunk tank. A splendid time was had by all.


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