Prolific Mollusk

July 23, 2014

P1230897Pobrecito used to be the most prolific graffiti artist in the Tenderloin, likely in the whole of SF. He’s faded away, perhaps he’s too busy with law school, or a new baby. The new champion is this artist, who makes something that looks like a mollusk, ore maybe a squid.

P1230898His work is everywhere, mostly written on metal using china markers.

P1230910Here’s and exception.

P1230928And another. This is clearly a person on a mission.

The Hanging Gardens of Polk Street and One Sweet Ride

July 15, 2014

SAM_0732Really beautiful, brilliant design.


SAM_0721Royal Enfield motorcycle.

These were originally made in the UK, then production was moved to India.

Yet More From The Tenderloin

July 11, 2014


SAM_0730You see this fellow’s goofy face all over.


Graffiti Stickers (Slaptags) in the Tenderloin

July 7, 2014

SAM_0717There are always new stickers to be seen in the Tenderloin. Like an eternal fount of visual creativity.




From Wino Country to Wine Country

July 4, 2014

P1230809Gotta love the Tenderloin. Imagine how boring the city would be if it was all like the Marina!


P1230843No, this is not the return of the revered graffiti artist Girafa. It’s an identifying mark on a Sonoma County wheelbarrow.

P1230847This awesome sculpture is 26 feet tall. It resides at the Wilson Winery in Healdsburg. The artist is Bryan Tedricks. Like a lot of good art these days, it was first exhibited at Burning Man.

Around the ‘Loin

July 1, 2014

P1230857Always something new in the Tenderloin.




P1230854Big beautiful wheatpaste.

Art at Your Feet

June 25, 2014


This artist’s medium is china marker on metal. Recurring theme seems to be some kind of shell.

P1230637He or she is quite prolific, you can see his work around the Tenderloin and Civic Center.

P1230808One by stencil artist Eclair Bandersnatch.

P1230862Spotted this vintage button in the grass, in Civic Center, near the farmer’s market. It’s from the early 1970s and refers to Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. Somehow it became unstuck in time.

3 From Brooklyn

June 17, 2014

P1230575You hear a lot of things about Brooklyn. Like there was a movie, ‘Crooklyn’.


P1230342I once heard a woman talk about a situation in which she was confronted, someone talked to her in a very impolite way.

Instead of saying, ‘I don’t back down from this sort of thing’ or ‘I will not be disrespected’, she simply said, ‘Hey, I’m from Brookyln’. I think she punched the guy.

P1230346I’ve also heard people say, ‘Yo yo yo, Brooklyn, top o’ the food chain.’

When we were there, we didn’t see any crime or fighting or anything like that, just a very interesting place with lots of street art.


On the Wall, on the Sidewalk

June 14, 2014



The world is full of romance.


On the Berkeley Pier

June 10, 2014

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4I believe this is the work of the artist GATS.

photo 1


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