One Sweet Ride


Spotted in Palo Alto: 1970 Volkswagen bus.


There’s a story here. On the windshield are markings from the Palo Alto Police impound yard. On the dashboard is a copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. A poem was written in pencil across the front, too faded to read.


Looks like this bus spent some time back east.


A little Bondo, a little paint, it’ll be as good as new.
If this bus could talk, oh the stories it would tell.

Protest in East Palo Alto


Oddly, East Palo Alto has a Four Seasons hotel. It serves people visiting Stanford and the many Silicon Valley companies. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was visiting Silicon Valley, looking after investments, trying to get some participation in a huge tech project in Saudi Arabia. That’s why these people were protesting the bombing of Yemen there.



There was a reporter, a cop, and a handful of protestors. A calm and civilized scene.