The Artists of Open Studios, Part Two


This young lady suspended apples in fabric, among other things. If you saw it, you’d understand.


She made a tiny house that took years to make. The miniature books had actual pages! She does other kinds of artwork too.


This painter lives with a wonderful enthusiasm.


This painter does marvelous landscapes and paintings of birds, and many other things.


Sometimes the artists have printed material telling their story. This gentleman once sold and gave away all his possessions, and bought a plane ticket for a place as far away as he could.


She makes robots from discarded circuit boards and electronic parts, and also some fine paintings. Brilliant work.


Besides playing flute and saxophones, this artist constructed sculpture that lights up and changes colors when it ‘hears’ sounds. A visitor’s dog triggered it nicely.

The talent pool in San Francisco is deep and rich. Fun to meet the artists and see their work and their studios.

The Artists of SF Open Studios


A couple of times a year, many of San Francisco’s artists open their studios to visitors. Fascinating to meet the artists, see their work, and see their environment. The woman above paints whimsical paintings with a feminine feeling.


This gentleman’s paintings have a nautical theme. He kind of looks like a sea captain, come to think of it.


She makes odd and engrossing collages of items salvaged from everywhere.


This artist uses resins to make colorful, shiny works with interesting textures. I asked, are you OK with having your picture taken? Every chance I get! he replied enthusiastically.


Another artist that works with nautical themes. The painting to her right re-imagines the Maritime Museum as a boat.


This gentleman is a photographer, so was agreeable to being photographed. Many of his photos are of cowboys, and other Western things.


Frescoes are this guy’s thing. He was very knowledgeable about their history and chemistry. He also had some baseball caps for sale but I couldn’t swing 25 bucks for one.


This artist’s work is outstanding and he was very friendly. The studio he works in is in a complex of studios, in a building that once housed the workers that rebuilt San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.

Open studios is a wonderful program, it helps the artists make a few sales, and can be enriching for the visitors. Highly recommended.


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