Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin, part two


Lots of fun in the ol’ TL sunday.


Usual suspect The Bubble Lady rode by with a colorful escort.


Sunday Streets regular Brian Belknap played his soulful tunes.


A local chiropractor was trying to drum up some business.


The guy on the bicycle was rapping, being recorded by the guy with the Steadi-cam apparatus. Look for this rap video on your favorite cable music channel soon.

I love the Tenderloin.

A splendid time was had by all.

Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin District


On Sunday, several streets in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District were blocked off so people could walk, bicycle, skateboard, etc.


A belly dancer showed her skills for an appreciative crowd.

Summing up this neighborhood is difficult. The Tenderloin is a complex neighborhood. It is one of the last nearly affordable places for working people and recent immigrants to live in San Francisco. Lot of families with young children live here. There is a large Vietnamese population. There is a long and honored tradition of transgender people in the Tenderloin. It also has more that its share of hopelessness, despair, addiction, grime, stuff like that. So it was nice to have Sunday Streets bring in some happiness and light. Plus it was a nice warm day.


This young fellow demonstrated the skateboard move known as ‘ the coffin’. At least he wore a helmet.


A Stevie Wonder remix played, and these folks were having fun.


Where the wild things are.

The Return of Pobrecito


A few years ago, Pobrecito was San Francisco’s most prolific graffiti artist.

old pob

Sometimes, he just wrote his name. More often, he put up stickers like the one above: a hand-drawn face, with a short caption. He was on Facebook for a while, but dropped off, which may be a prudent legal strategy.

Then, he stopped putting up stickers. The only Pobrecito stickers I spotted were old and faded, like the one above. Who knows what happened, could be law school, a new baby, incarceration, boredom.


Pobrecito means ‘little poor boy’.


Recently, some new stickers were spotted.



Rock on, Pobrecito.


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