A few months ago, I started reading Missionmission.wordpress.com, and then some of the blogs they link to: Whati’mseeing.com, Missionloc@l, Tenderblog, and a bunch of others.

 Back then I was living in a house in East Palo Alto that was split into three apartments. The landlord went into foreclosure, everybody else moved out, I stuck it out, asserting my rights under East Palo Alto’s tenant-friendly rent control ordinances. It was spooky. Somebody broke into my apartment and stole my camera and leafblower.

My dear sister was kind enough to buy me another camera. I eventually settled with the bank and moved to another EPA apartment, which I can’t really afford- hey, business is slow for everyone I talk to. With time on my hands, I started this blog. Pretty quickly photographed most of the interesting stuff in EPA, I think- it’s a small town. So I photograph a lot of stuff when I visit my girlfriend in SF on weekends. She helps me spot stuff and has taken some of the photos.

So thanks for looking at my blog.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Tony,
    I finally took the time to check out your blog. Lot’s of cool pics. I’ll have to check it out regularly. Are you playin the Pescadero show?

  2. Are you still in EPA? I just moved here and would love meet you. Also, I’m helping start StreetCode Academy here with Live In Peace (epa org you might know of) and I’m sure we could rustle up some photography work for you. Let me know

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