Best of 2009

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last year. Click here.  (Click on colored letters to see the whole post.)                     The hallowed Copra Crane of Islais Creek.                     Religion in the streets of San Francisco.     […]

Desert Graffiti

Neither in EPA nor around the bay, these photographs are from a vacation in the desert south of Palm Springs.There are many abandoned buildings down around the Salton Sea.In this building, I disturbed some birds, and in turn was startled by their flapping, just like in a post-apocalyptic movie.               […]

San Francisco Depicted in Legos

Down in Carlsbad. California, is an amusement park called Legoland. Everything there is made from the toy building blocks known as Legos. Part of the park is called Miniland, in which various U.S. cities are depicted in Legos.This is their rendering of Pier 39. A clip joint within a clip joint- an allusion to Hamlet, […]