Sunday Streets in the Bayview

Last sunday, a big chunk of Third Street in the Bayview District was blocked off so people could walk, skate, ride bikes, etc. Above are the Frisco Bay Sting Rays, a group of vintage Schwinn enthusiasts. A young woman made huge bubbles. A rider of a tall bike talked down to a friend in a […]

Observed in SF

A Palm Sunday procession in Hayes Valley. They had incense, palm fronds, hymns, the whole deal. Tweens on stilts, promoting a hardware store in Soma. A door made of signs in an alley in West Portal.

Sweet Rides With Sweet Patina

1967 Ford Ranch Wagon. International Harvester pickup from the early 1960s. A workhorse of the first order. Rare bird: a Bristol, made in England in the 1970s. The company that built these originally made planes used in World War II. Most excellent patina.