Ocean Beach and Around Town

This sticker is familiar from the Tenderloin and Mission Districts. Even sticker artists go to the beach sometimes.                            Wind-resistant trash receptacle with a nice patina.  So much sand blows on to the road, periodically they bring in equipment to remove it.    […]

Brick is Beautiful

                          SF Museum of Modern Art. SF Armory, in the Mission District. Built in 1912, mostly unused after 1976. Bought by Kink.com in 2006, for $14.5 million. The Grandi building in Pt. Reyes Station. Built in 1915, empty since 1978. Much legal wrangling continues […]

An American Idol

What a wonderfully complex story we have here; the best screenwriter couldn’t come up with such a character- part hero, part villain, african-american yet white, a man yet quite feminine, generating millions upon millions yet broke. Just gotta step back and marvel at it; funny old mixed up world we live in.